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Title: Things Behind the Sun
Author: hobnailedboots
Artist: nane0.
Art: here
Summary: Starting up where season three left off, this is a story about rejecting the fate laid out for you and about forging your own destiny. Most of all, though, this is a story about rain.

Morgana has disappeared, taking her half-dead sister with her, and Uther won't wake up. As Arthur tries to come to grips with ruling Camelot, he's hindered by the unnatural rains which are trying to conquer all of Albion. Quests! Mordred! Magical plots!
Pairing(s): Arthur/Merlin.
Rating: R (but no sex ;_;)
Warnings: Depiction of injury, death of supporting character.
Notes: Title from a Nick Drake song. Firstly, massive thanks to my artist, nane0, who took scenes and gave them life. Prolific, talented, and hard-working, nane0 deserves a massive round of applause. My fic would not be here without the art she created, because it inspired me and spurred me on.
Secondly, an equally-large thank you to my beta, caerosa. Her help has been prompt, thorough, unflinching, and exactly what I needed. Without her, this fic would be languishing somewhere on my computer, drowning in unwarranted dashes.


Fic, Opposite Day

Author: hobnailedboots
Title: Opposite Day
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin, Gwen/Arthur 
Rating: T
Length: ~1400 words
Summary: Arthur is cursed with constant dishonesty. 
Excerpt: "You know, Merlin," said Arthur, "You really are the most competent servant I have ever come across."

"Thank you," said Merlin, and tripped over a root.

"I mean that!" shouted Arthur.

This, thought Merlin, had potential. 

Notes: Originally posted here for sycophantastic's er, fantastic prompt. Not to be a sycophant or anything. Also on A03. Set during s4, and somehow less cracky than I anticipated. 

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Fire It Up


Title: Fire It Up

Author: hobnailedboots

Fandom: BBC Merlin

Pairing(s): Merlin/Arthur, if you squint. Gwen/Lancelot (again, squinting is probably required).

Rating: T-ish.

Summary: This is a short story about an execution, and what happens afterwards, especially with regard to that whole destiny thing. Told through multiple outsider POVs, and set around the first couple of episodes of season 3. For Author's Notes, see end of story.

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